This Socially Conscious Coffee Shop Provides Jobs for the Homeless

 - Jul 31, 2015
References: oldspikeroastery & psfk
'Old Spike Roastery' is a socially conscious coffee shop that provides homeless residents with high-quality jobs. Once of the biggest obstacles for homeless individuals to overcome is finding steady and stable employment. The Old Spike Roastery provides meaningful employment to homeless citizens while serving high-quality coffee at the same time.

The socially conscious coffee shop is located in London and it was founded by Cemel Ezal and Richard Robinson. Ezal and Robinson designed their business model around the issue of homelessness and sought to provide high-quality jobs to homeless residents throughout the city. Beyond providing employment, the Old Spike Roastery also seeks to provide a living wage, occupational therapy and mental health support. Ezal and Robinson recognized that homelessness is a multifaceted issue and they wanted their business to help support the community in more ways than one.