Illuminated Waterfront Cabin is an Elegant Skeleton of an Old Structure

 - Feb 22, 2014
References: graypants &
This illuminated waterfront cabin stands on the site of an old abandoned garage. An Amsterdam and Seattle-based agency, Graypants, revived the derelict area with a fresh design that takes full advantage of the breathtaking Pacific Ocean view.

The archetypal form of the pitched-roof building was solidified and framed with sturdy beams for light and minimalist massing. The structure was left rather open in appearance, featuring expansive windows that slide up for unobstructed connections with Washington state's beautiful Puget Sound. Where this illuminated waterfront cabin has been clad, it's been done quite lightly. A regular pattern of wooden slat louvers covers the walls and the ceiling to provide some shading from the bright summer sun. This pavilion offers the perfect place to lounge, to play, to work and to picnic and to feel in-touch with nature.