Alejandra Castelao’s Concept is Designed for Destination Camping

 - Sep 23, 2014
References: yankodesign
When it comes to cross-country trips for cyclists, the typical saddle bags on bike racks can become heavy and unwieldy; enter the versatile bike trailer. It is a great alternative that also attaches to the back of the bicycle without disturbing the rider's balance. Although made with destination camping in mind, the versatile bike trailer can be used to convert basic bikes into cargo ones as well.

Designed by Alejandra Castelao, the versatile bike trailer also comes with integrated shelter, bug-proof mesh, flexible sleeping pad, built-in LEDs and power for devices via solar panels as well as stored kinetic energy. Essentially covering all of the basis, the concept ensures that cyclists are able to enjoy their trip as free of hassles as possible without sacrificing functionality.