From Deceptive Beer Briefcases to Multifunctional Summer Coolers

 - Aug 20, 2015
These innovative gadgets will help the most dedicated brew enthusiasts master the delicate art of beer transporting.

These beer transporting mechanisms cover the spectrum from high tech to low tech. For beer drinkers whose iPhones are a part of their anatomy, there's the 'Coolest,' an ultra-modern cooler that charges phones, plays music, opens bottles and for the drinker-on-the-go, has a sturdy set of wheels. For those who prefer simplicity, the 'Sixfold' is a fold-up leather and wood carrier that neatly transports a six pack of cans or bottles without compromising elegance and style. If the beer transporting mission has a rather risky destination -- the office, for example -- there's a beer carrier that looks like a briefcase.

From the stylish to the practical to the downright absurd, these inventions fill a variety of beer transporting needs.