The Wood Installation Art by Christophe Doucet is Grand

Artist Christophe Doucet manipulates space and materials with his massive wood installation art pieces. His goal as an artist is to configure a territory by placing sculpted art within it. He takes a tree and sculpts it into a bear, a deer or an axe, and places it in its original habitat like a city park where the tree came from.

Christophe also takes an alternative approach in that he often places his masterpieces in odd locations to symbolize a meaning. For example, he sculpted a giant axe made of timber wood and placed it on the front steps of a governmental monument. The symbolic meaning behind that is to reference the government’s ability to bring down the "axe" or "hammer."

Christophe Doucet’s wood installation art pieces are grand and eye-catching. The wooden sculptures are hand carved by the artist himself. His creations are typically of animals or objects, made from natural elements like timber, wood and cedar, which are then placed in territories in symbolic to the art piece.