From Tiny Embroidered Animals to Sensual Hand-Stitched Portraits

 - Sep 5, 2014
Traditional art forms are slowly being reimagined by millenials in unexpected and often entertaining ways; enter this collection of atypical embroidery artworks. Not made for grandmothers, the subject matter of these embroidery artworks range from creative applications to erotic depictions and everything in between. Although this might be what's on the mind of younger generations, there is a sense of pushing boundaries to create something new out of the old.

The one thing that is common throughout all of these unique embroidery artworks is the beauty of intricacy. The use of colorful threads brings a detail to photos, cloth and more that is virtually absent with other mediums. Not only can artists focus on the small things, they can also introduce a texture to their embroidery artworks that is singular to this style.