Defne Tesal's Woven Lanscapes Capture Natural Views

 - May 13, 2014
References: defnetesal.wix & lanciatrendvisions
Artist Defne Tesal's embroidered landscapes challenge tradition with simplified forms that are representative of nature. Defying classic landscape scenes, the artist replaces traditional canvas and paintbrush supplies with wool and cotton materials.

Born in 1985, the Istanbul-based artist is a scenography and costume design graduate at Mimar Sinan University. In addition to her talent for embroidery, the artist is also a seasoned illustrator, doll maker and stop motion animator and film maker.

Defne Tesal's embroidered landscapes are a fresh translation of traditional painting subjects like streets, fields and woods. The artist sews these scenes atop a fabric backdrops using colored thread that varies in thickness and hue. The result is a calming set of woven artworks that evoke the true essence of a natural landscape.