From Cartoon-Inspired Apparel to Manga Makeup Transformations

 - Jan 9, 2015
These anime fashion examples are futuristic and nostalgic all at once. If you grew up watching Japanese cartoons like Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z, you are no stranger to anime and manga imagery.

Known for their big eyes, pigtails and suggestive outfits, female anime characters are often the inspiration behind many subcultures including Ravers, Pastel Goths and Seapunks. Even Japan's Harajuku neighborhood is filled with street style stars that pay homage to the nation's iconic cartoon titles.

Standouts from this list include Shop Jeen's heel-less platforms that are adorned with a metallic star element. The shoes boast a tall and exaggerated design that is whimsical and Sailor Moon inspired. In addition to the shoes, other standouts from this list include branded cartoon collaborations that are inspired by Dragon Ball Z characters and accessories that celebrate Japan's Pokemon franchise.