These Unusual Wedding Photos are Inspired by Harajuku Fashion

 - May 30, 2013
References: rocknrollbride
This Harajuku fashion-inspired wedding shoot is definitely not for couples who are afraid to infuse color into their special day. The designer behind The Couture Company's custom bridal gowns collaborated with photographer Hannah Millard for a mock wedding portrait to simulate a "retinal sugar rush."

The result is a sensory overload of colors and textures, true to the Harajuku aesthetic, with over-the-top accessorizing on every object possible. No surface is left plain-- the brides have outrageously decorated nails, hair and phone cases. The cake of the 'Harajuku Harem' wedding shoot is topped with beloved Anime characters like Totoro and My Little Pony. And instead of Photoshopping frames around their photos, the duo created real-life frames covered in stickers and cutouts for the brides to stand behind.