- Jun 24, 2014
Paying homage to iconic artists Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, these vivid pop art editorials range from global marketing campaigns to chic cover story features.

The 60s pop art movement is known for its vivid hues and over-saturated imagery, a visual style that is often referenced by recognized fashion photographers and luxury labels alike.

Embracing the fashion world's chromatic color obsession, these vivid pop art editorials celebrate bold hues. Whether channeling the future or paying homage to the past, the photo features embody a true essence of art. Fusing fashion photography with artful references, the examples are both conceptual and classically elegant.

Memorable examples of these fashion features include Over-saturated celeb covers and pop-art themed campaigns that rely on bold and eye-catching visuals.

From Warhol-Inspired Cover Stories to Over-Saturated Campaign Imagery: