Lacey's Still Life Photography Jumps Off the Page

 - Oct 30, 2013
References: & trendland
Joining the ranks of other creative one-name wonders like Madonna and Cher, photographer Lacey has created an eye-popping series of pop art still life photography. Far from simply photographing your typical bowl of fruit, Lacey constructs dynamic scenes using graphic design. That is, her still life photos are carefully constructed graphic design scenes; for example, her shot of sunny yellow bathroom. Sometimes Lacey mixes and matches graphic art with real pieces for a multi-dimensional, trippy effect.

And Lacey is also a fan of vibrant colors and patterns that tend to stand out, often favoring a pop-art inspired aesthetic. This conceptual art series would intrigue any Warhol fan. Each photograph is a bold foray into the world of storytelling -- and Lacey certainly weaves electrifying narratives. Lacey ultimately infuses ordinary object with brand new energy in her captivating photography.