Megan Canning Colorfully Stitches the Human Body

 - Feb 21, 2014
References: megancanning & neatorama
The human anatomy is a mysterious work of art in and of itself, but Megan Canning has decided to take that sentiment a little more literally. She concentrates on this theme for her stunningly intricate embroidered works. Turning organs such as the heart and lungs as well as other parts of the body into traditional stitching, Megan Canning brings a new perspective to its inner workings.

Born in Ohio and based in Brooklyn, New York, Megan Canning originally studied painting, ceramics and art education before dabbling in embroidery. She reveals, "I love that when I am doing the embroidery, I am touching the work as I make it, it feels almost like I am in it. It surprises me, the patience I have with the embroidery because I am not what you would consider a very patient person."