This New Fiber Art from Emily Barletta is Delicately Beautiful

 - May 15, 2013
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While some artists prefer using a paintbrush to produce dramatic brushstrokes, Emily Barletta has found something just as emotionally effective and extremely original: fiber art.

Using thin, organic threads, Barletta creates delicate lines that twirl together to produce a wonderfully beautiful work. From far away her pieces look like simple pencil drawings, but on closer inspection, it's clear that Barletta has chosen threads that complement each other perfectly. The result is a fluid, continuous work.

Some of her pieces look almost like illustrations from a children's storybook, swirling colors mingling together haphazardly. Others look like an elegant tapestry, clearly planned to create an illustrious pattern. Both, however, are delightfully organic-feeling with a perfect balance of color and composition.

Barletta's ability to create something extraordinary from so little is truly remarkable.