Tim Moore's Nude Lumberjack Art is Both Shocking and Comical

 - May 31, 2013
References: helengory & lostateminor
British artist Tim Moore is a man's man who still sees the value in a bit of embroidery. However he doesn't create art without his own macho flair. Each one of his embroidered works features a nude person, often a hunter or a fisherman, performing a task that realistically shouldn't be done while naked. One nude woman is shown holding the head of a buck in one hand and a large rifle in the other. A second piece depicts a man playing basketball while wearing nothing but a baby blue baseball cap.

Using vintage Sicilian fabric in his embroideries, Tim Moore creates hilarious and shocking characters, the likes of which make it clear that Moore is an unpredictable and risk-taking artist. These embroideries are sure to shock a slew of people, but not without producing a few nervous giggles.