The Portrait Project by Evelin Kasikov is Vibrantly Composed

 - May 7, 2012
References: evelinkasikov & thisiscolossal
The Portrait Project by Evelin Kasikov is an impressive collection of caricatures all done by embroidery. The pixelated faces, which are inspired by a collection of headshot photographs, are created on identical grids which the artist then uses as a blank canvas for a combination of various colors, geometric stitching styles and thickness.

The common impression people get when they think of embroidery is the cute grandma sitting in her rocking chair knitting away. Evelin Kasikov takes embroidery art to a whole new level by constantly challenging herself with new projects and characters to depict.

Kasikov's portfolio is full of impressive graphic titles and original designs. The Portrait Project is the latest addition, characterized by realistic representation through vibrant compositions.