- Jul 17, 2014
From drinking coffee to dancing in a quiet room to practicing yoga every single day, this SocialBusiness.org top list featuring the creative rituals of social entrepreneurs show just how some of the top thinkers and doers reset the dials. What exactly does it take to be an entrepreneur?

For Amanda Fisher, a designer at Bachhara, creativity comes from turning off the phone for a day and going outside. If that's not possible, morning affirmations are key for that young designer and social business aficionado. And for Dave Llorens at One Block Off the Grid (1BOG), a California-based social business investing in solar energy, well, he doesn't have any rituals at all, but he does think he should.

Clearly, creative rituals for social entrepreneurs run the gamut. There's no one thing to do; it's about finding what's right for you.

Resetting, From Drinking Coffee to Dancing and Yoga: