Artist Alaina Varrone's Work Would Shock Grandmothers

 - Sep 3, 2014
References: alaina-varrone & beautifuldecay
Artist Alaina Varrone has released a new set of erotic embroidery that would make even the most sexually evolved individual blush. Full of nudity, sexual positions and severed limbs, she continues her erotic embroidery series in as shocking a way as possible. This is definitely one cross-stitch collection one's grandmother would not want to see.

Giving the craft a modern twist, the erotic embroidery appeals to a society of Miley Cyrus wannabes and Rihanna lovers. Beautiful Decay writes, " Her characters go after their desires and fantasies, creating an amusing juxtaposition between how we’re used to seeing embroidery versus all of its possibilities." Although many will see this erotic embroidery as a subversion of the craft, others will see it as stepping beyond boundaries.