Artist Illustrates Loved Ones as Skin-Deep Stitches in A Flor de Piel

 - Jan 12, 2014
References: davidcata & junk-culture
One might describe a friend or a foe as having made a mark on his life, but this statement is made literally in a project called A Flor de Piel. Artist David Catà begins with images of his loved ones and reproduces them on the palm of his hand.

Yes, what you see is indeed the embroidery of portraits into the outer layer of the man's epidermis. A standard weight sewing thread is guided by a needle in David's right hand, creating small and loose stitches that outline each subject's particular physical features. The basting of A Flor de Piel is done with a fairly neutral palette of black, white, yellow, brown and red string. Once the likeness has been complete, the artist tears the stitches out to reveal pinprick wounds in the shapes of his impactful companions.