- Feb 28, 2015
Neon light has become a highly popularized form of art. Often used in art installations, the fluorescent bulbs mainly spell out words and mimic geometric shapes. The most notable neon signage is the art work of Tracey Emin and Olivia Steele, which is based around messages of love, hate and lust. From spy-revealing sculptures, heartfelt neon messages to endearing neon signs, words have become the most popular form of expression using neon lights as its platform.

Fluorescent light bulbs have even bled into fashion. Designers are not only re-creating their runways as art installations, they are also incorporating neon lights into their garments. Salons and restaurants are even updating the dreaded 'Open/ Closed' neon signs with artistic company-branded neon lights.

From Neon Gangster Art to LED Love Statements: