Illuminated Benches Defy Practicality in their Beauty

 - Dec 12, 2012
References: designboom & likecool
Known for his unusual incorporation of light into his various works, artist Ivan Navarro teamed up with sculptor Courtney Smith to create these stunning Illuminated Benches.

Set in public spaces, the benches defy all norms regarding the traditional roles of lighting and furniture. Benches are commonly found in parks and are often taken for granted as people sit on them without paying any attention to their structure and design. These benches, however, are made out of extremely breakable neon tubes that could shatter if sat upon. The bright light makes people pay attention to the benches and at the same time, prevents them from actually using the benches in any practical way.

These Illuminated Benches completely disregard traditional notions of what a bench is for, brightening the park with their neon light.

Additional Sources: likecool | designboom

Photo Credits: likecool, designboom