The Witch Moth Lamp is a Sharp Tectonic Fixture for Futuristic Interiors

 - Jan 25, 2012
The old base, bulb and shade configuration has been abandoned here in favor of a flashy avant-garde design for a table lamp. The Witch Moth Lamp looks more like a contemporary sculpture -- if not a mathematical model -- than it does a recognizable light fixture. But this is what makes it so striking.

Grzegorz Rozwadowski's concept may remind you of a scaled-down version of Fuller's geodesic dome. However, the trussed structure has been trimmed and three corners extruded, creating a tight latticed shell on top and open space beneath. LED lights line the inside of the intricate black girders, casting a neon glow of violet, cyan or yellow. Witch Moth Lamp's illumination is indirect and diffuse, reflecting off of the surface of the coffee table or the wall.