From WIldlife Inspired Lighting to Slithering Chandeliers

 - Feb 12, 2013
From Anthropologie's ornate octopus chandeliers to UK artist Whatshisname's 'Good Boy Lamp', these animal inspired illuminators embrace the inner child inside of us all.

Whether simple or boasting an intricate and complex construction, these elegant home accessories redefine traditional design ideals and embrace a contemporary concept that targets the young consumer.

Known for their air of sophistication, chandeliers and ornate accent lamps have graced opulent homes for centuries. Today, these home accessories are taking on a new design direction and are appealing to a younger generation of future design buffs.

From wildlife-inspired night lights and pet-resembling lamps to underwater-inspired chandeliers, these creature illuminators take on the shapes of a variety of familiar animals including cats, dogs, snakes and jellyfish.