- Jan 13, 2015
These luminescent design finds range from LED-infused architecture projects to app-controlled lighting concepts that can be connected to one's smartphone. If you're a fan of colored lighting and LED technology, you'll love this list of luminescent design examples that even include glowing abodes and nightclub interiors along with illuminated patio furnishings and kid-focused lamps. In addition to the expected, the list also includes appearance-altering accessories like fiber optic hair extensions that are perfect for Halloween.

In addition to architectural projects, furnishings and physical lighting solutions, other standouts from this list include glowing toy products that are made using 3D-Print technology.

Moroever, this list also focuses on glowing art installations and customizable statement tees that are adorned with glow-in-the-dark ink. Overall, this luminescent design list celebrates the power of light and its versatility when creating sensory environments.

From Pixelated Light Illuminators to Architectural LED Projects: