The BAE Systems' IntelliCabin System Revolutionizes Flying Economy

 - Dec 3, 2014
References: baesystems & gizmag
The BAE Systems IntelliCabin might be the future of modern air travel.

Air travel has a bad reputation, yes, but it has a bad reputation for a reason. It's often cramped, uncomfortable and -- well, I won't get so cliche as to mention the food, (but the food!!!). The main question to consider, then, is how can airlines make the experience of air travel more pleasant for the plebians who don't have the luxury of flying first class or private, all while keeping operating costs down?

Enter the IntelliCabin: a a modern cabin system that's specially designed to integrate with existing systems. In-seat power allows for extra leg room and storage space, resulting in infinitely happier campers-- er, fliers. LED lighting and dimmable windows complete the cabin's ambiance, which, at the end of the day, might rival the creature comforts of first class.