- Jan 20, 2015
These London Collections Men runways range from crafty menswear presentations to garbage bag fashions that transform unwanted materials into art. Embracing unconventional design details, these LCM fashion finds set the tone for global fads in the world of menswear.

The event's main presenters include renowned fashion houses like Burberry and Dunhill along with edgier favorites like streetwear brands KTZ and Sibling. In addition to these familiar labels, LCM is also the home of Topman's collection reveals and is a place where fashion has no rules and boundaries.

While other international fashion weeks tend to focus more on womenswear, these London Collections Men runways dare to make a statement. Whether highlighting cinematic or sculptural fashions, the event encourages imagination and creativity while elevating menswear designers to a new level of national and global recognition.

From Arts and Crafts Menswear to Edgy Garbage Bag Fashions: