Tanning Salon by Jamie Nelson is Freakishly Futuristic

 - Feb 22, 2012
References: jamienelson & zeutch
Tanning Salon by Jamie Nelson is a photography series that shows off the glowing goodies of gorgeous ladies. The images were captured in the dark as the models laid across the florescent purple tanning beds.

The women in the photos look like aliens in a futuristic night club; their fingernails glow with neon oranges and blues while their eyebrows have been glazed over with a layer of glowing color. As for their clothing, the models have been draped in neon bathing suits that make their private parts glow. As for accessories, their wrists are covered in luminous bracelets to complement the blazing necklaces.

It's hard to tell if the women in the Tanning Salon by Jamie Nelson are actually tan because it's to dark to tell.