- Jan 30, 2014
Fluorescent neon is a deceiving thing. What appears to be subtle shades instantly change to vibrant luminescent lights in the dark. These stimulating and dizzying lights effects can capture people's attention from a distance.

Fluorescent neon is not for the faint of heart; if you want to be seen and noticed, nothing will engage the crowd more than a glowing beam radiating off you.

Illuminating neon has been used and seen in just about everything. It has embedded today's hip fashion accentuating otherwise simple muted things and has been a staple in heighten enthralling works of art. If you want something to be noticed, you ought to adorn it in neon.

Neon is simply loved, appreciated and adorned from children, teenagers adults and everyone in between. When you see fluorescent neon illuminating that soft yet vibrant glow, you'll be sure to stop dead in your tracks too and take a second look.

From Fluourescent Neon Gangster Art to Illuminated Neon Balloons: