The SlapLit Turns Slap Bracelets From Fashion Accessory to Safety Gadget

 - Nov 3, 2011
References: niteize & gizmodo
Slap bracelets numbered among the dozens of trite fads that dominated the '90s, yet their quaint charm is being repurposed for the sake of outdoor safety thanks to the SlapLit.

It's always been important for late night cyclists and joggers to identify themselves to oncoming cars. Signalling drivers used to involve a neon-yellow jacket, a small flashlight or LED sneakers, but most pedestrians forgo these options because of their ugly, fashion-inconsiderate design. The SlapLit remedies that problem with its minimal design and its nostalgic slap-to-attach functionality. The bracelet can either glow steadily or activate a strobe mode, for those times you really need to stand out. At $12, the SlapLit is a cheap and effective method of keeping yourself visible and safe on those late night runs.