From Celestial Star Cuffs to Bohemian Woven Bangles

 - Aug 15, 2014
Bohemian jewelry accessories are a fun way to add another dynamic level to your outfit and these bracelets for hipsters perfectly capture the laidback vibe of the free spirit fashion movement. These bracelets combine fashion with a minimalist, functional and simplified design aesthetic.

In the hipster culture less is often more. Hipsters enjoy dressing up and accessorizing their look with simple statement pieces usually made from natural materials without any over-the-top embellishment. Many of these bracelets are made from embroidery or woven fabrics that add a colorful, yet understated, touch to a daily outfit. Other pieces are made from craved metal shaped into iconically hipster trademarks like nautical anchors or mustaches. One popular piece is the bracelet ring chain that connects from your finger to your wrist with elegant metal links.