The Kesha Rose Jewelry Collection is Cannibalism-Inspired

Stylistically, Ke$ha’s ‘Kesha Rose’ jewelry line by Charles Albert is just as edgy as she is. In addition to being perfect representations of the American songstress’ style, these pieces balance the beauty and quality Charles Albert jewelry is known for. The accessories are made from Alchemía, a fusion of elements that simulates the look and feel of gold. Although these pieces imitate a material used in traditional jewelry, there is an unusual toughness to these pieces.

To fully capture the many facets of Ke$ha’s personality, the collection has been broken down into three collections: Warrior, Supernatural and Cannibal. As you might expect, several bracelets, rings and necklaces take the shape of human skulls, phalluses and teeth, although it hardly makes items like the ‘Cannibal Charm Bracelet’ any less charming.