From Iconic Film Quote Headwear to Notorious Drug Dealer Tees

 - Nov 21, 2013
Die-hard fans of a particular movie, TV series or celebrity will adore getting one (or more) of these pop culture gifts. It's been a big year for movies and TV, with the conclusion of season four of Game of Thrones in April and the dramatic series finales of shows like Dexter and Breaking Bad. This leaves plenty of opportunity to give something that will lessen the sadness of someone who had one of their favorite shows come to an end this year.

Whether the intended recipient of your gift loves or loves to hate celebrities like Miley Cyrus, her recent antics could even lead you to give a comical twerking-inspired gift. If you're still pressed for ideas, there are some hugely popular classics like items designed for fans of The Simpsons or Mean Girls that never seem to go out of style.