This Grumpy Cat Decal Clearly Expresses Its Unhappiness

 - Aug 20, 2013
References: amazon & fancy
This Grumpy Cat decal features the face -- and fingers -- of one of the most iconic Internet cats. Although the surly face of Grumpy Cat might prove to be effective enough at preventing someone tailing your vehicle too closely, this die cut vinyl sticker has a middle finger just to drive its point home.

Applied to a vehicle, this offensive sticker is an effective way to communicate your road rage with other drivers. The white cat-shaped sticker is also ideal for other external applications like laptop covers, windows, doors or any other places you would rather people keep their distance from.

This ever-disproving decal by '2 Loose Screws' is a must-have for Grumpy Cat lovers who want to share Grumpy Cat's displeased face and a rude gesture with the world.