This Etsy Shop Crafts Custom LEGO Minifigs from Pop Culture

 - Oct 30, 2013
References: etsy & lego.gizmodo
The 'miniBIGS' Etsy shop makes the most adorable and accurate LEGO minifigs, designed after popular characters from TV and movie series. Some of the small LEGO characters you'll instantly recognize from the shop include Dexter outfitted in his "kill uniform," Walter White in his yellow lab suit holding a beaker full of blue liquid and the entire Game of Thrones cast.

miniBIGS has a blog and uses it to crowdsource the next batch of figurines it should create. The designs for the faces and clothing are created by an in-house artist and then pad printed onto the LEGO figurines, so that they won't fade or be scratched off.

These tiny LEGO minifigs make fantastic gifts for LEGO lovers and fans of anything from The Walking Dead to Anchorman.