From Prehistoric Penny Collectors to Weight Controlled Coin Receptacles

 - Jun 25, 2015
If you're looking for a clever way to stash you cash, these creative coin receptacles are the perfect choice. Piggy banks are not only a great place for storing heavy change, but also an excellent way to save a buck or two.

While traditional piggy banks are shaped like adorable little pigs, these offbeat coin receptacles feature a number of other fun designs. For something more unassuming, there are banks shaped like vintage phones, which make a perfect place for hiding your loose change. There are also dual-purpose piggy banks that feature a stack of handy memos on top for jotting down notes throughout the day.

If keeping your coins hidden isn't a major concern, there are more traditional piggy banks that you can proudly display on any shelf. For example, there are golden celebrity-inspired piggy banks shaped like the head of a famous rapper. There are also 3D-printed piggy banks and minimalist money holders, both of which provide a more stylish way to store your coins.