This Funny Piggy Bank Takes Coins from Behind

 - Jul 6, 2013
References: guillemferran
This funny piggy bank design by Spanish designer Guillem Ferran redefines the conventional moneybox. Unlike traditional pig-shaped containers that have a slit at the top, this fabric piglet has an opening where its tail would be. The cross opening on its behind allows coins to be slipped through, but will not drop coins when moved. The pink piglet has an opening on its tummy for when you need to grab your change.

This design is simply called the CERDITO HUCHA, which translates to piggy bank in Spanish. Instead of a porcelain or plastic body, this pink piglet is made of a combination of hard leather and soft cowhide leather that are stitched together. Due to its soft texture, this piggy bank can be folded for easy portable use.