The Oinky Whimsical Piggy Bank is an Update on a Classic Design

 - Jun 23, 2014
References: shapeways & core77
The Oinky whimsical piggy bank is a modern redesign of a once ubiquitous and beloved household item.

The designer of the Oinky whimsical piggy bank is Octavio Asensio, who asks, "what’s life without whimsy?" Almost as if in answer, the Oinky piggy bank shows how a more playful approach to designing a once stale and virtually obsolete product, can revitalize it. Since Oinky is constructed using 3D printing technology, Asensio is able to create piggy banks using a variety of different design patterns like flowers, squares, and even skulls; thus elevating the status of Oinky from mere piggy bank, to decorative piece.

Since the Oinky whimsical piggy bank isn’t solid, you’ll be able to add and remove money as you please without resorting to using a hammer.