From Modern Patchwork Blankets to Travel-Savvy Clocks

 - Sep 16, 2014
There is one retailer as well known for its fashion designs as it is for its lifestyle products and these examples of Urban Outfitters home decor show why that is the case. Playful, creative and stylish, these items spruce up the home in ways that few other furniture stores can. The products are chock full of hipster charm and personality, which people of all ages can enjoy.

While some of the Urban Outfitters home decor pieces are particularly youthful such as the cute playhouse decals and street artist illustrations, others are much more versatile including some 60s era furniture, modern patchwork blankets and even worldly wall curtains. When it comes to Urban Outfitters home decor, anyone can be a winner. The retailer provides products for just about every room in the house.