Nicholas Stevenson's Illustrations are Downright Magical

 - Sep 8, 2014
References: nicholasstevenson & itsnicethat
Nicholas Stevenson is an illustrator with a knack for mystery. Every scene he creates is an enigmatic work of art; the viewer is immediately intrigued, but they are unsure why, or what they are even looking at.

Stevenson appears to borrow his subject matter from children's books and the Wiccan community, both which involve a sense of unreality. The result is that each drawing is a fantastical composition, featuring furry beasts, long-limbed humans and corridors.

Despite the child-like wonder, Stevenson's work has done immensely well with adults; he has been commissioned by publications such as The New York Times and brands such as Urban Outfitters. It seems that adults are thirsting for a taste of mystery and magic that comes so easily to children.