- Jan 2, 2015
These re-imagined Disney tributes range from girl band Disney makeovers to gender-swapped cartoon art that transforms characters like The Little Mermaid's Ariel and Cinderella into male versions of themselves.

In addition to hilarious parodies and political satires, these modern Disney tributes also include awareness-raising art pieces. The particular works delve into serious topics like anorexia, animal cruelty and spousal abuse, ultimately painting a dark picture of the seemingly perfect world of Disney.

Challenging social perceptions and stereotypes, these re-imagined Disney tributes re-imagine iconic characters to appeal to today's generation. While a red-haired Ariel gets a tattooed makeover, Aladdin's leading lady Jasmine poses with a phone while taking a selfie. Moreover, this series breaks beauty moulds and depicts a suggestive version of characters that may not be considered traditionally beautiful.

From Disney Princess Pinups to Princely Magazine Covers: