These Mondo Posters Revamped Disney Icons

 - Mar 18, 2014
References: & feeldesain
Mondo, the studio that's known for their posters, presented a show called 'Nothing's Impossible.' The show was for the South by Southwest festival in Austin.

Mondo's creative team reinterpreted iconic Disney animation movie posters putting its talented spin on it. The posters are a fresh take on the classic films as Mondo attempted to not only re-imagine the layout of the classic posters but also attempted to revamp some of the iconic characters. Surprisingly, some villains took the spotlight such as 'The Little Mermaid's' Ursula.

Overall, the posters are darker and more detailed than the brightly colored originals. However, the posters still manage to capture the essence of each film. The posters prove that even icons that we are so used to seeing can be reinterpreted in a new fresh way. After all, nothing's impossible.