From Re-Designed Pop Culture Brands to Fanciful Bottle Branding

 - Jan 11, 2015
The top 2014 branding trends saw a rise in makeshift luxury, eco-consciousness, minimalism and, lastly, pop culture references.

In terms of packaging, brands wanted to reduce waste but enhance customer engagement with the product. For example, Aloof Design created a candle packaging concept for Heal's which featured a pleated cardboard design that "blossomed" when opened, creating the impression of a luxury gift item. However, because the box was made out of a thin cardboard material that was cleverly folded, it was affordable and less wasteful. Staying environmentally-aware, even while creating a luxurious experience, is important to brands.

Another branding tactic was incorporating pop culture or humor into packaging or logo design. Brands understand that pop cultural references resonate with audiences, so they seek to re-channel that nostalgia to connect with their consumers.

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