Bellis Preserves Branding Communicates a Carefully Crafted Mission

 - Mar 14, 2014
References: & packagingoftheworld
One look at Bellis Preserves packaging and you can tell that more time and effort went into its creation. While the majority of companies are quite happy to print cartons and labels en masse, one student designer strove to experiment with handcrafted packaging.

Napasawan Sirisukont's assignment was to dream up a hypothetical new branding scheme for a New York producer of organic snacks and fruit jams. The company takes pride in the careful making of its goods, so the designer wished to reference this by rendering the meticulous assembly of the boxes and stickers obvious. Most noticeably, the paper has been diligently woven on several sides of the containers, and many of them feature elaborately folded lids. Bellis Preserves packaging also displays the artist's detailed illustrations of the high-quality ingredients inside.