From Blossoming Tea Boxes to Contemporary Tea Branding

 - Apr 27, 2015
In the age of Starbucks culture, there has finally emerged the beginnings of a contemporary tea branding revolution. With the advent of giants like David's Tea and Teavana (which was recently acquired by Starbucks), there are plenty of loose leaf tea houses to educate yourself on the variety of blends or indulge your already burgeoning passion.

From nostalgia-driven branding that conflates the posh days of the 1930s with a high quality blend to elegant ultramodern packaging that uses stark geometrical lines to denote visions of the future, there is surely an example of opulent tea packaging that will appeal to you.

While modern coffee branding tends to go in the direction of masculinity or of occult-like ritual, much of modern tea branding is aligned with healthy lifestyles, self-care and mindful relaxation.