Brigaderia Tea Time Branding is as Lighthearted as its Range of Flavors

 - Oct 1, 2013
References: casarex & packagingoftheworld
There are a few fascinating strategies at play in Brigaderia Tea Time packaging that make the products pop. The success is in the way that the loose leaf has been wrapped up and in the way that the containers express the contents.

The tea tin type is not only practical and reusable, but it's also nostalgic. This sense of the old-fashioned is further captured in the graphics that decorate each aluminum can. The Casa Rex design consultancy have illustrated very different models of antique teapots and applied them to the fronts of the labels. Every one has been given a pair of eyes to personify them with wonderful whimsicality, complete with little legs that let them dance. Brigaderia Tea Time packaging is finished off with colorful spots for an ever-enhanced cheerful image.