T's Premium Tea Packaging is Delicate, Pink and Pared Down

This pretty pink and premium tea packaging was developed for 'T' by the Designstudio Bräutigam & Rotermund studio, inspired to boil down absolutely everything down to just its essentials.

This simplification comes through most noticeably through the product's brand name, T, which is designed to be short and sweeter than the already short word "tea." Although the design is quite pared down, the branding does not skimp on quality or style. The packaging of T's products are given a fresh, modern feel, using subtle gold accents to play up the richness of the tea products. Like limited edition items, the tea boxes are categorized by numbers, making each one seem like something precious to collect. The tops of the tea boxes feature one of the most charming details, a phrase that communicates that T embodies "handpicked happiness."