Wilder Tea Packaging Features a Range of Fetching Fowl

 - Jan 6, 2014
References: flickr & packagingoftheworld
Aside from floral designs and the like, there isn't really a typical format for decorating something like Wilder Tea packaging. Cartons and canisters of infusions are interesting studies because the creative types behind them are often encouraged to exercise greater artistry and imagination.

In this case, Emily Gwynne was working to update the image of the Whittard brand of instant tea. The talented illustrator decided to foster consistency with the choice of featuring an adorable avian icon on every label. The different varieties of beverages have been given their own particular species, drawn up in lightly textured blocks of color for simplified but sophisticated portrayals. The tea tins of Wilder Tea packaging are otherwise left quite minimalist, white and bright, so to make the charming pictures pop.