- Jan 11, 2015
The top 2014 marketing trends saw a rise in the use of tactics such as humor, shock and satire.

Pop culture has always been a really powerful marketing tool, especially since it taps into feelings of nostalgia. This year, brands have taken pop culture references to the next level by using them to add humor and/or shock value to their marketing campaigns. For example, graphic designer Saint Hoax recently put together an ad campaign against domestic abuse, featuring the familiar -- yet battered -- faces of the Disney Princesses. Seeing childhood favorites featured in such a violent context was an effective way to make an impression.

Meanwhile, a satirical approach is best exemplified in a campaign by the French Ministry of Health, featuring an ice cream cone made out of rolling belly fat. The tagline warns that "obesity starts at a young age."

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From Body Diversity Campaigns to Belly Ice Cream Ads: