These Kingston USB 3.0 1TB Ads Boast Speed and Size

 - May 22, 2014
References: kingston & adsoftheworld
These print ads for the Kingston USB 3.0 1TB represent the dichotomy of the device: it's incredibly compact, but it's capable of holding a mighty terabyte worth of data.

The advertisements also play off the name of the USB, the HyperX Predator, which couldn't be more fitting for the animal-inspired theme.

The Kingston ads show off that the USB is "Expectably big but surprisedly speedy," with fantastical animal hybrids that combine the speed of a cheetah with the power of a humongous whale, or a the grace of a trotting zebra with a powerful, heavy-bodied hippo. Since animals usually have to give up speed as they go up in size, this makes the Whale-Leopard and the Hippo-Zebra hybrids some truly fearsome creatures indeed, as well as brilliant symbols for not having to compromise.