These Logos Get Re-Worked in Very Unique and Clever Ways

Combining pop culture references with anything is typically a good idea, so this pop culture branding gets the stamp of approval. These images depict famous, well-known brands with a pop culture twist.

The Starbucks logo is so ubiquitous with the brand that it's hard to imagine that Starbucks is, at its core, a coffee shop. When a logo gets re-done and effectively culture jammed though, it shows that these logos are just images, ripe for the customizing.

These illustrations by Bruce Yan use famous cartoon images like Astro Boy and Ariel from the Little Mermaid to re-appropriate things like Starbucks and Big Boy burgers. Being able to use culture and fuse easily recognizable signs and symbols isn't only fun but effective. While it can't always be used in the real world, being able to see a different side to advertising through these pop culture brands is always fun.