- Mar 30, 2015
Our tech-heavy existence these days means that pixels are all around us and we're constantly looking at them, so it's unsurprising that artists and designers of different persuasions are incorporating pixelated art into their works. If art is a reflection of life, there should if anything be more pixel-inspired works out there.

There's something very staccato about clusters of pixels, seeing as how they consist of a number of self-contained, visually separated little squares. However, by using techniques such as gradient coloring, pixels can be brought together to create unified pieces of art.

Pixelated art has manifested in a variety of projects ranging from celebrity portraits and geographical maps to multimedia installations and sculptures. The humble pixel is pretty nondescript on its own, but can give rise to some spectacular works of art when combined intelligently with others.

From Pixelated Landscape Portraits to Futuristic Pixel Prints: